Effective Steps to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners

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Effective Steps to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners

Every business has unique marketing requirements, but there are certain fundamental actions that can be integrated into all digital marketing tactics. Here is a basic blueprint for digital marketing that start-ups and firms aspiring to include digital marketing in their comprehensive marketing strategy can utilize.

Three aspects must be contemplated while formulating a digital marketing approach:

Your campaign elements should be low-risk, encompassing affordable pricing and a high success ratio. This allows you to construct a website, initiate an SEO or PPC campaign, etc.

Your campaign components should have the ability to scale, enabling growth with your business.

Digital Marketing for BeginnersYou should be able to swiftly terminate any part of your campaign. This ensures you're not bound to a long-term commitment for an ineffective solution.

You should be able to track the parts of your campaign, which facilitates calculating your return on investment (ROI).

Your digital marketing strategy should be cost-effective, sufficiently flexible to evolve with your enterprise, facilitate performance monitoring, and offer easy exit options. An effective marketing plan is imperative for the success of your business beyond its initial two years.

Low Risk, High ROI Digital Marketing Plan

A website is essential. If you already have one, it may need a makeover to become mobile-friendly and appear as competent as your competitors' websites. It's prudent to explore diverse designers. Consult their clients, examine their portfolio and establish optimal pricing. Web design costs vary significantly among firms. A higher price does not necessarily mean superior quality. A simple 20-page website without extensive programming should cost less than $3,000. The design company must also demonstrate reliability as this is a key element of your digital marketing plan and failure is not an option.

Once you've selected your design company, it's time to look for an SEO company. Many people delay this until their website design is completed, which can be detrimental. Your SEO company ensures your new website is SEO-friendly. Creating a website that isn't search engine friendly can waste time and money. Beware of website design firms claiming to be SEO experts. It's advisable to choose those who prioritize SEO in their service list.

Exercise caution when selecting an SEO company as the majority may not meet your expectations. Only about one in ten SEO professionals are genuinely skilled. Seek client testimonials and examples of search ranking results. Be as technical as possible during this process. It's important not to rely solely on sales pitches but to hire based on demonstrated competence. Diligence will pay off in the long run as SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy and it must be mastered for success.

Next, consider setting up a PPC Campaign, ideally using Google AdWords. This tool can either generate significant business or drain your resources if not efficiently managed, hence the recommendation to hire a professional for the task. PPC serves two functions: (1) it drives immediate business and (2) allows you to control growth.

SEO and PPC should form the backbone of your digital marketing strategy due to their high impact on its success. Once these elements are running smoothly, you can explore other areas of digital marketing.

Higher Risk Digital Marketing Tasks

After mastering search (organic, PPC), consider venturing into other digital marketing options such as Social Media, ReTargeting, Banner Advertising (Display ads), and Blogging.

Blogs increase your website's visibility by adding more content that attracts visitors while simultaneously establishing you as an online authority. It's vital to maintain high quality content. Outsource your blog to a firm capable of generating valuable content if writing it in-house is not feasible.

Social Media campaigns are typically successful for very few companies despite the hype. Social media could be highly effective in certain scenarios but it isn't guaranteed to work for everyone. Nevertheless, it enhances connection with your customers and strengthens your online reputation through positive customer referrals.

ReTargeting is suitable for complex sales cycles and large companies with a robust brand identity. It may not be advisable for new or small-scale businesses. Remember that PPC generally offers better ROI, so keep that as your priority before exploring other methods like ReTargeting.

Historically, display advertising such as banner ads based on CPM have performed poorly, making them risky investments, particularly for small businesses with new brands.

The key components of a digital marketing strategy have been outlined here. Although there are numerous options available, it's advisable to master the most proven techniques before experimenting with newer ones.

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