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108 N Union Ave, Cranford, NJ 07016
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DoughMate® is a division of Madan Plastics Inc. and has been a global leader in dough ball handling solutions for over 25 years. Their pizza dough trays, such as the preferred pizza dough proofing boxes, are widely used by pizza-making professionals in the USA and internationally for storing and proofing pizza dough balls. These trays are also used as transportation trays for dough balls in commissary systems. DoughMate® offers a variety of other products like carts and dough cutters to assist pizza chefs.

The pizza dough trays from DoughMate® are sturdy, reusable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They are more efficient to use compared to individual tins or sheet pans, as they can hold pizza dough balls in various size configurations. The trays nest within each other, eliminating the need for racks, and provide dust-free and airtight storage and proofing conditions. Manufactured from high-impact FDA-certified thermoplastic materials, these trays do not splinter or crack like competing fiberglass trays. DoughMate® takes pride in manufacturing their products in America.

To use DoughMate® pizza dough trays, the dough maker places the dough balls evenly spaced in the tray after cleaning it. The loaded trays should then be placed in a cooler for quick cooling before proofing or rising occurs. Once cooled, the trays can be nested together to create an airtight and dust-tight stack that can remain stored for up to six days depending on recipe and temperature conditions.

Overall, DoughMate® provides reliable and efficient solutions for storing, transporting, and proofing pizza dough balls with their high-quality pizza dough trays and related products.